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Bridgeport Courthouse decked out for the 4th of July

Driving on the Mammoth Lakes Loop

Cute little guy!

Earthquake Fault

Earthquake Fault

Earthquake Fault

Packwood at rest

Waterfalls at the other end of Aspen campground

Another shot

Meadow near the campground

Coyote checking us out as we check him out along Tioga Pass...

Coyote licking his chops from a deer kill

Trout caught at Saddlebag Lake

Looks like dinner to me

Part of our campground as viewed from Tioga Pass Road

The Dutch Star from Tioga Pass Road

Tioga Pass Road above the campground

What a neat tent campsite this would be!!

Someone camped right next to the waterfalls

Aspen campground

Aspen campground

Today is a spectacularly beautiful day here at Aspen campground. Temperatures in the mid to upper 70's with a breeze and very few clouds. Still some haze from all of the local fires, but that doesn't seem to affect us much here on the ground at the campground. It does affect us, however, when trying to take scenic pictures, where it really impacts on the quality of the photography. We're hoping that it clears up somewhat by Tuesday when we plan to visit the Yosemite Valley.

Yesterday we drove to Lee Vining to check out the cost of California non-resident trout fishing license and found it to be too high for our liking at $41 per person for a 10 day license, plus the cost of bait. If fishing was all that we were going to do it would be worth it, but we'll be doing a lot of other stuff and only fishing every now and then.

After that we drove on to the small town of Bridgeport which is about 25 miles north of Lee Vining. They were having a festival at the time which we walked around in for a while. We had lunch at a charming restaurant located in the Bridgeport Inn, and the food was great, and quite reasonably priced.

Then we drove to Mammoth Lakes to grocery shop and check out the Mammoth Lakes Loop. The Loop is a rapidly accending drive thru first big pines, and then as we got higher big fir type trees. Very pretty drive. Along the way we saw a sign for an Earthquake Fault which we decided to check out. A really impressive and almost scary fissure in the earth that we could walk right up to and even down into. We took a bunch of pictures, but the lighting contrasts made it hard to capture. We're sending some of the best ones for you to check out.

Today we're just hanging around this beautiful campground after sleeping in much later than we usually do. Nancy's getting some sun right now. We may try to find fireworks later on, or maybe not, depending on how we feel at the moment. This campsite is so private and special that neither of us could think of a better place to hang out than right here, so that's what we're doing at the moment.

Boondocking is working out fine for us. We only get about 3 1/2 hours of full sun on the solar panels because of the trees on our campsite, but during that time it's cranking out about 23 to 24 amps, which is a good charge. We've had to use the generator some, but not a whole lot so far, but that's probably because we're using the microwave, coffee maker, etc which consume quite a bit of electricity that has to be replaced. The more you use the longer it takes to completely recharge.

We've been taking very short navy showers, and in general trying very hard to conserve water as well as fill up the grey water tank less quickly. The black water tank is hardly ever a problem when boondocking. Grey water is the one that usually gets you first. When the time comes we'll drive the Dutch Star to Mono Vista RV Park in town and pay them $8 to dump and fill up with fresh water. That's only about 6 or so miles from the campsite, so that's not a big deal. We'd like to be able to make it the full time that we'll be camping here, but I doubt we'll be able to pull that one off.

The sound of the rushing water in the river is such a pleasant and relaxing sound to have as a constant 24/7 background. We've been all over this campground, and this is far and away the best site in here.

During our walks around the campground we found this big waterfalls at the other end of the campground. People are camped right up next to it, and it's really something. Some pictures of it are included.

Nancy is really getting into this photography thing, as has a real eye for beauty and composition.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!

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