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Tenterfield Saddler

Church were Banjo got married to a local girl

Can you see the racehorse Goanna?

Where's my Mummy?

Statue dedicated to Gunsynd


A couple looked like this guy

One for the boys

This morning we got to go to the Tenterfield Saddler. The building is very old and other than usual maintenance, is in original condition. That's including the tobacco stains on the ceiling. There was no one working but a staff member was there to make sales. Of course the items were quite pricy but of top quality. They also have a return policy that has no date. In other words, made to last.

Part of the Tenterfield Saddler history is that the first saddler was Peter Allen's Grandfather. That is of course the man that he sung about in his famous song. That song was being played in the building and you wonder how sick they might be of hearing it.

Another stop in town for us was the church were Banjo Patterson married a local girl many years ago. It's quite quaint and set back from the road with nothing having been built in front to spoil it.

Most people in this town are very friendly with a hello and good morning with a smile. I think we often forget how easy this process is and how nice it makes us feel to receive and return.

Mum also finally got her hair cut. You beauty. She has been complaining about it since she had it done in Denver. They did something odd to it and it has never been right since then. The hairdresser in Tenterfield noticed straight away asking what the heck they did to her hair? Mum explained that over there they need special licences and such to do colours and hers was only supposed to be a rinse. Ours are by far better as the complete satisfaction on Mum's face proved.

Along the roads we came across a racehorse goanna who managed to get away before I could get a clear photo of him. There was also a younger kangaroo not far away that we may think was the joey of the dead smell that the goanna was after.

So with Mum on a high from a nice haircut, we headed out of town towards Goondiwindi. Our reason for heading here is for the famous race horse, Gunsynd also known as the Goondiwindi Grey.

The town is very pretty and very well kept unlike some of the places we passed through. The town just before had trash all over the place and was extremely run down. Not a place to slow down for a better look at.

For a smallish town in the middle of the bush, there are a heck of a lot of Hotels and Motels here. The first we checked wanted $93 with no broadband. He also claimed that no one in town had it. We declined and not 300 meters up the road we found The Binalong for $75 WITH FREE BROADBAND. Yes we are learning.

After settling in and catching up with Peta on the phone, we went for a bit of a drive and saw lots of new homes. It looks like it is booming somewhat here and it's good to see. We also came across a group of Pink and Grey Galah's which were then joined by Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. Well they were obviously onto something so a duck joined them. Very cute.

Mentioning Peta, we have finally managed to get arrangements with her so will be flying into Adelaide and driving out to visit with her for a couple of days before flying home. How we are both looking forward to that.

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