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Beautiful part of the country

Mount Rushmore in the distance when coming out of tunnel

One of those scary, narrow tunnels

Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park

Tunnel on the Needls Hwy

The hoodoos of the Black Hills


This is an amazing 360 degree bridge

Aother tunnel

Trippy shot as we entered the tunnel


Top of world Ma!


Legion Lake in Custer State Park

Great log home


Along the Wildlife Loop


This is a little nerve wracking on a motor cycle

Big guy

This storm was following us all the way home

Beautiful meadows everywhere

The little town of Scenic on the way to the Badlands

Lots and lots of hay in grown here

25 miles of dirt road along the Rim Road west of the...

The Badlands National Park in the distance

The scenery is incredible

Incredible line of buttes on the horizon

I know it is just a weed


So much to see

A little dryer at this end of the park

Beautiful colors in a seemingly desolate landscape


Our rented trailer

Today was JC's first radiation treatment. He said it was like a 6 minute CAT scan. He did not feel anything, it just isn't easy to hold perfectly still for 6 whole minutes. Wearing the mesh "mask" that was made for him was the only uncomfortable thing. It is a little tight. Tomorrow I get to observe behind the scenes. I am hoping to get a picture of the mask. He said he felt like the "man in the iron mask". LOL

Tomorrow is chemo and radiation. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that JC gets chemo once a week and radiation 5 days a week. The treatments are scheduled to be finished September 8th. Then there is a follow up. In our minds, we are planning to leave here by October 1st.

In the meantime, we are having way too much fun. In addition to a doctors appointment of some kind every day except Friday and Sunday, we have gone on a motor cycle ride just about every day. We just love it here. I have posted a lot of pictures to share some of the beauty. We have ridden the Needles Hwy., Iron Mountain Road, Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park and the Wildlife Loop. We have traveled by Mount Rushmore, the town of Custer, the Badlands and the town of Wall.

Sunday we joined a local Honda Riding Club on a ride to Devils Tower in Wyoming, the mountains and flat lands of Wyoming and skirted the towns of Lead and Deadwood through the mountains of the Black Hills. The ride from Sunday I will post separately because there are too many pictures. Whew!

Since we are here for a while, JC was wishing we had our motor cycle trailer to haul around our golf clubs, fishing gear and other stuff. We left our back in CA because it was getting to be cumbersome to have it in the back of the car and we were moving too much to keep taking it out of the car.

Renting a trailer from a shop was going to be too expensive. JC found a trailer on Craigs List for sale for $250. To make a long story short, the owner agreed to rent it to us for $200 and take it back when we leave. That saves us a lot of worry of what to do with the thing when we are ready to leave. It is not beautiful, but it is very functional. Even has a platform for the cooler.

Tomorrow we will be done at the CCI (Cancer Care Institute) by about 1pm. We will either go fishing or play golf. Decisions, decisions. 8>) LIfe is good!

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