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Yeah catch that tube dude!!!

I've lost SOOOOOOOO much weight my shorts fell down. It was full...

Yeah I know, I'm so rad man!!!

Oh no I'm not.......

Well, back out for some more punishment!!!

Yeah almost...........

They put the "Danger, Fat Ginger man surfing badly" flag up to...

Yeah there you go. SURFING BABY!!!!.......................kinda.......

And again........................ish.

But when you pull it off it looks so gracefull doesn't it!!!

....up to a point anyway!!! Those 2 people put me off.

Another 6 hour stint on the Interweb....

The 'Lucky' Birthday man!!!

some of the 'band' playing the craziest birthday song we've ever heard!!!



Today me and Em got up early (ok early for us!) and we're down the beach 'surfing' by about 7.30-8am.

The waves have been really crap here so far but today they were at least a little bit lively.

It was cool though as (I hate to admit it!) but I'm not quite ready for 21 footers yet!!!

We spent a couple of hours down here and thoroughly deserved some 'cheeky' brecko but much to our disappointment the Macdonalds on the beach didn't do breakfasts so we just went back to our hostel and had a free Banana toasty instead.

We had a look around some shops in the arvo and then went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on the beach in the evening.

It was exactly the same as every other Hard Rock Cafe around the world which was cool, but unfortunately so was the prices, which was slightly less than cool!!!

Oh and it was someones birthday in there as well, but rather than the usual "Happy Birthday" Rendition the staff sometimes do, a procession of about 20 people all playing instruments came through the restaurant smashing out a crazy tune for about 15 minutes!!!

Very wierd, but very funny.

A cool day in Bali.


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