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On a snorkelling cruise on the Red Sea. Great corals and fish,...

We arrived on our 4th anniversary after a far too long and far too dramatic bus ride from Israel (Nick has enough material to write a book so stay tuned for a story on that one!). Nothing to worry about - just really annoying!

It was strange to cross the border and make our way into town, our first visit ever to Jordan, and instantly feel as though we have been here before. The calls to prayer sounded out from the minarets, sweet apple scents wafted through the air from nargile, women in beautiful headscarves and long dresses walked with their children on the sidewalks, and men hundled together in conversation in the cafes.

I was so happy... to be back? No not really - but it really is a lot like Turkey which was a great reminder of how much we love this part of the world. Even as I write this I am dancing away to the blasting local pop music. I never have any idea of what the songs are about but they always sound so good!

This afternoon we are off on a glass bottom boat snorkeling trip in the Red Sea (I wonder how close we will get to Saudi Arabia - we are 30 kms away right now). And after the boat trip? Well one of our favorite activities - hammam!!! We might even sneak in another one tomorrow morning before we head on out to Wadi Rum to sleep under the stairs in the middle of the desert with the Bedouin tribe camps.

note: We are trying to get caught up on our photos. Truth be told this has not been a very systematic approch though as we sometimes forget to bring the memory card from earlier on in our travels. However, here is a listing of our recent updates (the first one the most recently revised entry etc).

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