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Leaving 4:30am!


Slept very little due to early bus - 4:30am, taxi coming at 4:15. I've never seen Bon so freaked about a bus...it's been raining all night so I went down to the desk and called the fellow who sold us the tickets, as per Bonnie's instructions. First, is bus going? Yes, you must get there soon. Is it safe? No problem, safe. Can we go tomorrow instead? Strike tomorrow, no bus. I report back to Bon and she is beside herself! "All you think about is money!" she says. "Well, I guess you don't care if we live through today!" Etc. etc etc. She's really pissed! I take the bags down to the waiting taxi and ask the driver if it's safe. No problem! Bon's response,"Well, what did you expect him to say!" She's right there , 99% of them are liars, they attend a special international school to hone their skills in every language!

We get to the bus and it's dark and Bon says, "We're the only ones here." Well, that turns out NOT to be the case because shortly a half dozen others get on. This does not look like the Delux bus we saw at the bus park when we bought tickets, but somewhat backhandedly reassuring, our seats are next to an emergency door! No window, just an emergency door, hmmm. We leave with a partly filled bus right on time, drive for about 15 minutes picking up some more on the way and then arrive at another bus park where a man comes to our bus door and motions for just us to board a different bus. This one does look like the picture but once on board our seats are not as described, 3&4, but on further discussing the problem and examining out ticket more closely (with the help of a fellow in front of us pointing out he had the same issue), it turns out there are 1,2,3,&4 A and 1,2,3,&4 B! We're 3&4B! In the middle of the bus and another 'issue' which makes Bonnie's mood even more sour!

Long story short, bus travels the exact route we have followed on the previous 3 trips to/from Kat, taking us first west almost back to the border where we first entered Nepal...boring, especially now in the rain. But worse still, the driver is a maniac, taking unnecessary passing chances, speeding by trucks, motorbikes, and another bus even on blind curves. A real hot dog! This does NOT endear him to Bonnie! Both because we expected to see new countryside (there are 2 other routes to get to Kakarvitta) and Bon is exceedingly anxious about even going in this weather, and especially now with a looney tune driver!

Rain ends about 10am, we continue bombing thru the countryside although now it's flat farmland. At 2 pm we get stopped...by the way, all along this driver has been picking up locals so now the aisle is full of standees...a traffic accident is blocking the road and our bus just happens to be the first one stopped by the police. Right, now you get the picture...due to picking up and dropping off passengers (this is supposed to be a Deluxe, all seats assigned, no others on board, we pay more for this), we now are waiting when by all rights we should have passed this bridge an hour ago! We wait 2 hours before resuming motion which brings us into Kakarvitta after 8 and the border is now closed. Must wait until tomorrow, which we were resigned to do anyway, but some of the passengers were saying that there is a strike tomorrow which may include closing the Nepal border crossing! Hmmm we shall see. Checked into Hotel Kanchan, luckily we still have enough Nepali rupees.


It is humid, hot and sticky. The agriculture after passing miles of 2nd growth, super green jungle forest, first was rice with goats & cows/water buffalo. Then it went to corn and sugar cane and some livestock. Then to rice and sugar cane and some other tall mystery crop plus livestock and finally tea!

This area is most definitely Nepal's breadbasket.

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