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TomoTherapy HI ART System

Monday was a long day at the Cancer Care Institute with CAT scans for plotting the radiation treatment with the TomoTherapy System. It is a cross between a Cat Scan and a Laser. The intent is to be able to direct a very narrow beam at the disease cells reducing damage to any heathy cells and more accurately attack the cancer cells. This new technology was first used in 2004. This facility is the 5th of 9 in the US that has the machine and the expertise. We feel very fortunate to be here for JC's care.

A mask was made which will stabilize JC's head, neck and shoulders so the same microscopic spots are zapped every time. He will be receiving 33 radiation treatments.

We have been given a lot of information about diet and potential side effects. Dry mouth, sore throat, loss of taste to name a few. We are not worried because we have plenty of information and a great medical staff to help us through the tough days.

Today, Tuesday, JC received his 2nd chemo treatment. We had to be at CCI (Cancer Care Institute) by 7:30 am. First there is the blood draw for the blood tests making sure all the numerous numbers are good. We meet with another nurse practitioner and discuss last weeks results and verify JC's current condition. 2 hours later we start the chemo infusion therapy. First the Benadyl then the drug. We left the hospital by 12:30.

The rest of the day was spent picking up our bicycles, looking for a motorcycle trailer to tow behind the Gold Wing for a couple of months, and other stuff.

This evening we had the opportunity to meet John & Kathy Huggins. They produce a great podcast called "Living the RV Dream". We have been listening to their podcast since it's inception. Check it out....they share lots of good information and fun. This summer they are workamping at Hart Ranch, a very nice membership park not to far from where we are staying. They introduced us to the On The Border restaurant and 99 cent Taco Tuesday. Good food and company.

Well it is about 8:30 pm as I write this and JC has had no side effects from today's chemo treatment. No fever. What a relief. :>) He is just a little sleepy. Heck I am a little sleepy. It has been a long day.

It's been a pretty good day. The only complaint is the 102 degree temps. It is supposed to start cooling a little in the next day or so. I sure feel sorry for Arizona, Texas and the rest that have been suffering for so many triple digit days.

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