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Our room in Tir Na Nog

Em sad to be leaving Gili Trawangan...:(

A horse 'n' cart on the main street on the island

Em wanted ANOTHER picture of this for some reason!

And ANOTHER picture of the main path!!'s not all about pictures of...

Ohhhhhhh yes it is Pettet!!!

Cute kids mucking about by the boat as we were leaving...

Actually we're not sure about the law concerning pictures of naked children...

We called them cheeky little monkeys so they started jumping around like...

Peek-a-boo. This one was actually 7ft tall.

Bye Bye Gili :(

Gili Trawangan from a distance

Girl on the boat back was smuggling possibly the cutest puppy in...

Me sporting my new 'doo' courtesy of Pettet. I even had a...

We are really sad that we have to leave today!

We realy had a nice time I said before apart from scuba/schnorkeling there is absolutly nothing to do here but it doesn't matter!

So we headed back to the pier for our 11am boat back to Bali, there were some little indonesian kids playing around the boat which were pretty cute!

The boat trip was a lot better than the one we got out! It was a bigger boat though.....even saw some dolphins!

So back in Bali we got our transfer back to Kuta and made our way back to the place we were staying before as we liked it there and it is pretty reasonabley priced.

However as we were walking down the road to the hotel (trying to get used to the mayhem of Kuta again!) out of nowhere a girl just shot diagonally across the road on a moped screaming going at about 20mph and then we just heard a smash.......everyone just froze for about 2 seconds then ran after her. She had crashed in a corner between a building and a wall but luckily had managed to miss the massive front window of the building by about 6 inches!

There was loads of people helping her and happy that the situation was under control we carried on to our hotel, checked in, then had a wonder back to see if she was alright!

She was sitting up and had really bad cuts on her legs and was pretty shaken but was ok apart from that.

Basically she had literally just rented the bike, got on it, and just flown across the road full speed! luckilly she had a helmet on or it could have been a lot worse.

The locals down the street we're all laughing about it (except for the one that had rented the bike to her!) and doing impressions of her which was a bit cheeky as she was still sitting there getting treatment!!!

Anyway that was a rather weird welcome back to Bali!

We had a shower and stuff and I cut Ozzies hair which looks preeeeeety good!

(Well as good as it can anyway!!)

Then we went out and got dinner and had a few drins then had an early night as we are going to get up early and go to the beach to see if there are any waves!


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