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The Aztec Ruins National Monument is the site of ancient ruins from 1000 years ago. This location is estimated to have housed about 5000 people who abandoned this place 800 years ago. Once thought to have been built by Aztec people that is how it got it's name. However it is now believed to be the ancestors of the pueblo people who still inhabit this area. The great Kiva has been restored and would have been a gathering place for spiritual events and no women would have been allowed inside. The small cubicle rooms would have housed the community and stored supplies. It is speculated that these dwellings were 4 stories tall at one time. The residents would have farmed, raised sheep and hunted until water and other resources ran out forcing them to move. Similar villages such as Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde are close by villages which probably traded with these people. There is much speculated but still unknown about this great community.

Considering they had no iron tools, the rock work, pottery and designs are amazing, evidence of a highly intelligent and social community. It was a privilege to have walked where these people once walked.

We also visited the nearby modern town of Aztec which will be in the next entry.

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