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Moose in our front yard

View from our new site - eye candy!

Most common birds - just waiting for lunch...

In and around the rigging

Homer Spit

Grewingk Glacier - just across the bay from the Spit

Date: May 14, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: brilliant sunshine

Temperature: start 40º

High 49º

Wildlife count: Moose

Year List: 221

Birds: Pigeon Guillemot, White-winged Scoter, Song Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, Dowitchers (35), American Wigeon, Cackling Geese, Green-winged Teal, Mallard, Raven, Bald Eagles, Scaup, Swans, Glaucous, Glaucous-winged & Mew Gulls, Black-legged Kittiwakes, Pelagic Cormorants, Common Loons, Robin, Gadwall, Bufflehead

The sun was shining beautifully this morning when we got up, so we took a walk down to the beach to see the seabirds – how lovely. We met our new partner volunteers at Duncan Café for breakfast – they are really great folks. They arrived just yesterday after a 24 hour standby flight (with layovers) from Florida – they were truly freezing! We had a wonderful time just getting to know them – they are birders as well and really excited. Tomorrow we begin orientation, so they hit the ground running.

As Tuesday is Senior day at the grocery store, we stocked up on the necessities (10% discount), and used the Safeway card to get some good bargains. As an example, frozen chicken parts, on sale, are $3.99/lb. Our good friend, Pat, gave us a package of hamburger from his just killed and butchered spring black bear – that will be interesting!

After lunch out on our picnic table, we hiked the Pratt trail, Beluga Slough trail, and drove the spit looking for Bald Eagles – John found a bunch.

We finished the salmon for dinner with a fresh salad and some pulled pork for John, along with fresh strawberries over Angel food cake - yummy. In order to return Pat and Patty’s salmon pan, we drove up to Skyline Drive to their house for the return. I think it was just an excuse to get up on top for the amazing views – the azure water, the snow-covered mountains and the lakes and Spit below – it is easy to know why people fall in love with this country. It is 9:30 pm, and the sun is still shining brightly – it is still a month till the summer solstice! However, sun or no, we are headed to bed!

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