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Baling Hay and Wrapping It In White Plastic, Fields Near Entre Lagos





Walked out the door from our cabana to the street corner and waited 20 min. for city bus to to terminal. There we learned that the bus N. to Puerto Octay doesn't lv til 12:15...missed earlier one due to our (now) slowness in am. After 2 hrs in cafe drinking tea/coffee, bus takes us back down past our ON bus stop then back to terminal, ha...1+hrs to P.O. where we try to continue our backroads way to Entre Lagos...determined as we are to see the 'real' lake country here! I talked to bus company guy and he says we must go to Osorno (on PanAm hwy) 1st then back to Entre Lagos - +\- 3000pesos ea. ($7 US). Asking a taxi about fair via backroads and he says 4000p ea. (actually I thot this was total fair) and since we wanted to see some off the immed. area an addl. 1000p! All well and good so on our way (bus was not to lv for Osorno for another hr.+). Half the ride is paved last part gravel, the driver getting lost several times...countryside mostly beautiful farmland, small dairy and sheep operations, lots of pasture & treed fencelines. Had a flat tire but after 2 hrs. We arr. In E.L. Where driver informs us we owe him 45,000p! Hmmm! I didn't think I misunderstood our agreement and said no, we'd agreed on 4000 ea. He was adament...No, it was 40,000 plus 5000 for extra tour. I was suspicious because I had held up 4 fingers and repeated 'four' not 'fourty' and he also agreed on 1000 ea extra for tour, a bit of a contradiction to me. Not being very good at conflict/argueing & Bon not able to w/ limited Spanish we ended up paying 40000p!

So instead of $25 US total to get to E.L. it cost us $85 US!! I was upset as well as B, M, &J, for not communicating or making clear our agreement! For me lesson learned (@ great expense), clarify, clarify, clarify...even get it in writing from these indep. drivers. Actually, all I had to say over and over was 'cada uno' - each one, but instead I said 'por total' - for total!

We found nothing of interest in E.L. other than a pretty view and a huge, long kids slide (which Jake tried out), so we caught bus onward to Osorno anyway. Decided to cut our loses in expensive Chile and head for Argentine border. Once in Osorno we bought tickets on bus for nxt day to Pucon, Chile...near border.

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