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Breakfast with a view

Em overly excited about her banana pancake!

On the schnorkelling boat

On the way to the first snorkel spot

Has anyone seen Tropical Thunder yet? Doesn't that bald dude look exactly...

Another Gili island....this time from a boat!!!

A spot of lunch in the shade

The third Gili island

View from 3rd Gili island over to Lombok.

A tree on the beach

Em has a right old knees up!

This photo proved to Emma that we DID in fact see turtles...

The underwater camera in fact is rubbish so everything looks like it's...

A fish eats a bit of bread from my fingers....or this is...

Lots of fishies

......more fishies!!

The giant golden bear fish.

Today we have a schnorkling trip booked.....which I was pretty excited about as I have never been and the water is so clear here I was hoping it would be amazing!

So after brecko (bannana pancakes today!) we went to meet the glass bottomed boat at the pier and picked up our fins (flippers!)

It was a long boat, quite small, and packed with about 30 people, so off we went to our first dive spot.

So everyone jumps in and I must admit I wasn't so keen now we were in the middle of the sea! but I eventually Austen persuaded me to get in, but again I wasn't really digging it! so I got back on the boat for a bit........then the sea sickness begun! Now I had 2 choices....sit on the boat for another 5 hours or swim back to shore! but after the captin saw how white and giddy I was he took me back to where we started!

I apologised to everyone as I staggerd off then boat and headed back to dry land for a little lie down.

I will let Ozz fill you in on what happened on the trip.......

I told Em it wasn't very good..............but it was wicked!!!!

The water was crystal clear, there were millions of fish, we saw about 6 turtles, evil trigger fish, giant clams, wicked coral, and a mermaid!!!

It was really cool actually. Liam & Nicola done the same thing I think on their honeymoon so badger them if you want more info!!!

We had lunch on one of the smaller islands and then we returned to our island at about 4pm.......after seeing turtles man!!!!!!:)


I Don't beleive a word he says! ;)


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