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Last night we finally got back to Penzance... so I guess this is the final entry in the diary.

Landing in London was very strange - things didn't seem to want to work at all... escalators, travelators - I guess we got used to Asian efficiency??!

The weather was great - which meant that we didn't instantly freeze to death.

In London we got to see Gareth's sister for a bit and also saw our friend Simon Francis - who put on a great night!

The journey back to Penzance was wierd - England is smaller than we remember it!

And now? We leave you with Helen going to Uni in three weeks in Southampton and Gareth somewhat looking for a job, although he'll probably be Djing within a week or so, knowing him!

Take care - thanks for the good times (and the debt)!!

Mr Bank Manager - see you this afternoon!!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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