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Dick & Terry, pitching the shoes...

Not sure what he's saying, must be good!

Onyx sought out the shade of a tree, we're in the 80's...

Lare, doing the Wii this morning...good job honey!

In case you are interested, the Custer camcorder is back online. We're not sure why it was down, but in any case you can check it out now. Hopefully you'll get a shot of one of the customized motorcycles, a real piece of art.

Custer Webcam

We have had beautiful weather the past couple of days. Sunday we attended a special service at Vineyard Christian Fellowship, specifically held to offer a bike prayer for all of the riders (and visitors) here in town. There was a free breakfast served, followed by music provided by Pleasant Road Sunday, a local group. All held outdoors, under a big awning. How nice!

Larry spent most of yesterday afternoon visiting with Terry, Dick and Jim. A few games of horseshoes were played, but mostly they chatted about the accidents and even fatalities of the riders occurring here in the Hills. Unfortunately, when this many bikes congregate in one area, accidents are going to happen. Terry has a police scanner and listens regularly. We hope and pray that everyone will use common sense and pay close attention when riding. So many look forward to this event each and every year. The Sturgis Rally has been held every year since 1938, with exceptions during World War II.

Later, we bbq'd steaks and potatoes for dinner. And, thoroughly enjoyed our Iowa sweet corn I mentioned in an earlier post. RV'ing friends Jay and Sharon stopped by for a visit. They are from Nebraska and bring their Harley here for the ride every year. Jay always comes by with treats for Onyx so she just loves to see him coming! And our friend Jim arrived a few days ago from Minnesota. Jim tents here for a week or two every year. He is staying 12 days this year. His first couple of nights weren't the best, as we had scattered thunderstorms throughout the night. We were concerned that he might be cold, but he just laughed at us! Reminded us that he is from Minnesota...LOL

Today we slept in, but set up our Wii Fit shortly after arising. I have used the board a lot more than Larry has. Only because he had his first knee replacement 5 days after we first opened it (our joint Christmas gift). It has been a big plus in my life, something I thoroughly enjoy using. I have lost over 20 pounds and shrunk a couple of sizes since beginning on this program. I hate to exercise, always have, but this just doesn't seem to fall in that category, at least for me. The Balance games have really increased my flexibility and hand/eye co-ordination. Larry is really getting the hang of it also! He took 1st place in ski jumping today. Good job honey!

So, as you can tell, we're pretty much sticking closer to home, at least for the next few days. It just seems easier than trying to fight the traffic! Don't you just feel so sorry for us????

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