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Well the City of Tamworth isn't that bad. We took a drive around and visited the Golden Guitar and the Country Music Museum. Now the Golden Guitar store had plenty to buy but quite expensive. Mum is also wondering if she has been 'souvenired' out as she walked out with nothing. But then again, all I got was a very small Golden Guitar.

The museum cost $6 for me and $4 for Mum as she got the seniors rate. It was more interesting to Mum as museums do very little for me at the best of times but they were mostly musicians that I had never heard of. Not bad though and a good introduction to it from a gentleman at the start. No he doesn't follow with you, but gives you a brief history and directs you on your way.

Tamworth is quite big and for the lack of water around, does very well in conserving it and not making everything green just for the look of it. It's good to see common sense in place again. We saw way too much wastage of water in America that quite frankly saddened us. Especially the lack of understanding that it is not a never ending source.

We got to see some cattle being allowed to graze along the road verges under the watchful eye's of their owners. It's something you don't get to see at home and it was good to see it here. Some drivers don't slow down a lot but Mum and I just crawled through enjoying the sight of it. Funny how you miss cattle!

The price of fuel went up by a few cents overnight which boggles the mind as the price of oil continues to drop. You gotta hate the greedy government ass wipes who don't care because they don't have to pay for their fuel.

Heading towards Coffs Harbour we noticed that things began to get a lot greener. A few drops of rain dropped and a slightly dark sky. But then we soon became enveloped in the fog that had just been low lying clouds from a distance. We could barely see what was in front of us several times. The dumb white van driver in front did not think that having his lights on would make him more noticeable to oncoming traffic. Surprised that someone didn't get him on one of the winding corners.

Must admit that I thought 'here we go again'. A few stops now we have been to but not seen due to the fog and I started to think that Coffs would turn out that way too. But it cleared up and we got to see some fantastic scenery and entered town to an array of motels and hotels. We came across only two with broadband and one was booked out and the other wanted $130. I'm not saying they aren't worth it but how do you justify a hotel without broadband for $85 and then expect an extra $45 just because you have it. What a rip off.

I also feel the need to take back my NZ bashing due to their lack of broadband. I thought that Oz had a lot more than it does, to my shock. I truly thought that it was much more common place in accommodation here. Very disappointed that it's not.

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