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Spiked-feathered Chicks

Lunch at Golden and Silver Falls; Jim, Barb, Pat, Marty & John

Inchworm at the table

Aqua Lichens

Up the trail

Golden Falls

Base of the Falls

American Dipper on the move

Golden Ribbons

Beginning of the Falls

Snail on the trail

At the Falls

Pat and Marty

Beetle on the path

Another snail on the trail

Unidentified Beauty

Always ahead on the trail

Silver Falls

Date: July 24, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Bullard’s Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon

Weather: brilliant sunshine

Temperature: start 54º

High 68º

Wildlife count: Snails, Beetle

Birds: Great Egrets & their chicks; Double-crested Cormorants & their chicks; Great Blue Herons & their chicks; Turkey Vulture, American Dippers Cedar Waxwings

We picked up Marty and Pat at the Refuge and met Jim and Barb at the Fred Meyer’s parking lot. We stopped at the Rookery on the Coos River to watch the Egrets and saw Double-crested Cormorants and Great Blue Herons on their nests as well. The chicks are almost as large as their parents, (38” tall) which means there are up to 5 chicks and 2 parents on a nest. There was a LOT of squawking going on – but they I guess we would squawk if we had that large of a family all trying to stand on a bunch of sticks in a tree perched 40’ above the water!!! They were lots of fun to watch. About the only way to tell the chicks from the parents is that the chicks looked like they had a spike hairdo – what a hoot.

From there we went the 24 miles out to the falls, which are in an Oregon State Park at the very end of the road that follows the Millicoma River. Since it was noon, and we had all brought a picnic lunch, we had a delightful picnic by the river’s edge. Well fortified, we hiked the mile up the path to Golden Falls, a lovely trek through giant old-growth firs and cedars. Golden Falls cascades over a rounded-edge rock cliff to hit the moss-covered boulders 100 feet below, where we watched American Dippers play among the rocks. We retraced our steps to the fork in the trail and found Silver Falls, another 100’ cataract over sheer cliffs. A family was swimming in the pool at the bottom of the falls. AND since we were inland almost 30 miles from the coast, our temperature climbed to 68° - one of our warmest days. It was just a great day to share with friends.

We all landed at the DQ in Coos Bay for a little refreshment, I had a small malt and John had a Peanut/Buster Parfait. The hike had taken a LOT out of us! 

We read in the sunshine when we got home, had a very small supper, and walked the loops with Ron and Linda. We are both tired.

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