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Bon in Front of Gate into Patan 'Old City'










NGO Volunteers Working on Royal Palace Restoration Project

NGO Volunteers Working on Royal Palace Restoration Project

Sign Telling About Restoration




Micky D's Nepal Style














































Definitely Kat




Didn't get out of GH until past noon (we called the embassy and visas are ready). Went to the bus stop where we got off on Monday and I showed a fellow who was hawking his bus the photo of the bus we had taken Monday. He was quite amused and showed his friend the photo...yes, his bus goes the same place - indicating with nods and gestures. So we got on and waited. After 15 minutes some women on the bus got impatient and left the bus which must have stimulated the driver who Bon said was just outside jabbering with a friend. Next thing we know he's in the driver's seat and we're off, albeit slowly. Creeping along and stopping numerous times the bus fills, we are unsure if it's taking us where we want to go since it's travelling a different route. Finally he stops after crossing a familiar road (Ring Road) and gets out, and again we sit and wait - 5+ minutes. It's now past 1pm and wondering if we'll get there by 2, when supposedly we must be done picking up the visas. The driver comes back and bus is full...

we head out, up a hill and there it is, the embassy! Get our visas and head into town.

Walking tour of Durbar Square and town center. Walked into D Square Cafe and there was a young fellow from Missoula - Michael Workman.

Wiki Info Patan/Durbar Sq

We are again taken aback by the high fee to enter the Durbar Square on a walking tour...to enter the museum is extra, as well as several of the temples. Kind of puts one off! Town is 'crammed' with temples as well as motorbikes! We were hoping to arrange transport out of town to see more of the countryside and being off-season we figured costs might be less. This is not happening, the places we checked seem to be charging what we consider high prices - $150 US just for transport and we cover our own overnight, etc.

Watch Olympics again at night.

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