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JC had his biopsy follow up appointment on Monday. The good news is that the biopsy revealed no cancer on his tongue. He does have cancer referred to as a carcinoma with the cell type called Squamous on his tonsil. The carcinoma has infiltrated the lymph node(s). Only one tumor is visible at this time. He will require radiation therapy and chemotherapy. His first oncology appointments are scheduled for July 11th. We will be arriving at Box Elder, SD on Saturday, July 9th. Hopefully, treatment will start shortly thereafter.

He really has no symptoms except a small lump on the side of his neck. We are pretty much over the shock. Now I would say we are concerned, but not obsessing. The hardest thing for us is to be in limbo and not be able to make plans. Last summer it was my shoulder. This summer he has one-uped me with cancer, as our friend Howard would write, sheesh. :)

Wednesday, the 29th we spent the night on Wheeling Island at the Wheeling Casino in West Virginia. The little island is in the northern most finger of West Virginia on the Ohio River. We had a pretty good buffet dinner and played Black Jack. JC won a $100 and I lost $50 (even doing what he told me to do). Anyway, such a deal. We boon-docked free in their parking lot, and they gave us $50. What could be better? :)

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