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Nan & Grandad you taught Em well! Just look at that organisation!!...

The boat journey started off soo well too!!!

A couple of littlerer islands on the way to the little islands!...


Home for the next 8 hours!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

Today we got picked up at 6.30am to get taken to a jetty 1.50 hours away from Kuta to get the Gili Cat over to Trawangan, one of the Gili Islands.

The boat trip started off pretty alright (bearing in mind I (Emma) am not a fan of boats) about 40 minutes in it started to get a bit choppy and then a bit more choppy and as we were only in a small boat we were getting smashed all over the place (this is not an over reaction by the way - it really did get a bit hairy out there!!)

We made it...just... but as we arrived it started to rain!

So we made our way to find the hotel called Tir Na Nog (ok it was an Irish pub with bungalows out back!). It actually looked pretty good on arrival, there were private huts along the pathway up to it with TV's and DVD players and a big pile of DVD's inside.

Our room was pretty nice too so we dumped our stuff and as it was chucking it down we decided to go sit in one of the huts, watch a film and grab some lunch.

This was pretty much where we stayed for the rest of the day! And rather luckilly a man come round selling DVD's so we brought a dodge copy of Tropical Thunder and Zohan for about a quid each! good times....and they were perfect copys too! (Jacqui, we will send these back for James if he is interested??)

So that was pretty much it for today, we plan to get a push bike tomorrow as that is the only mode of transport on the Island (ok and horse and carts but we aren't gonna rent one of them!!!) and cycle round it and see whats going on here!


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