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We have moved from Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, MD to the Elks Lodge in Frederick, MD. This is about 50 miles northwest of College Park.

There are only two RV Sites (and I use this term loosely) with 30 amp service. The weather is always threatening rain, but has been hot and humid. Not unbearable, but uncomfortable. Thank goodness for A/C.

The RV community has a saying about travel plans being cast in 'jello' or 'mud' or something soft and gushy. That is usually meant to mean we have the flexibility to go where we want and change what we want. Well, sometimes the unexpected happens to many of us. We received a bit of bad news today. JC went in last week to have a sore throat checked out and, after a biopsy today, they discovered Stage 3 carcinoma on his tonsil. It's inoperable due to the fact that it's involving the lymph-nodes and the back of his tongue. So we have to head back to South Dakota (where his health insurance is located) for chemo and radiation treatment. We'll probably be there for most of the rest of the summer. So we have to cancel our plans for Nova Scotia this year.

JC is in fine spirits. He is kind of a fatalist. What happens, happens. Not necessarily in a 'meant to be' kind of way, but more in a 'that's life' kind of way. We used to have a saying back in our skydiving days...."Life's a bitch and then you die". Morbid, but when you're jumping out of airplanes for fun you kind of have to have a fatalist attitude about life and death. It helps you stay calm in tense situations (main chute failure, for example) and handle it methodically rather than in a panic. How do we know that? JC has a little over 500 jumps and I have 127. And, we both have had main chute failures and lived to talk about it.

Anyway, we are assuming they'll be able to knock this out, or at least knock it down enough that we can still make our dream trip to Alaska next summer. Nova Scotia will have to wait.

So we are hanging out at this very nice Elks Lodge until Tuesday, June 28th. On Tuesday, JC's doctor here in MD will be giving us the formal pathology report and all the rest of the red tape to take with us to South Dakota. We will be on the move Wednesday making a bee line for South Dakota.

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