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Saturday 4th August 2007

Arrived early morning in Almirante a bit worse for wear. Got a taxi to the waterfront and caught the local launch to Bocas del Torres, a group of green islands off north eastern Panama, or is that north western panama...can't really work that out from the way it faces?!?. Anyway once we had managed to check into the Mondo Taitu Hostel (which meant dealing with a guy on reception who arrived in from a night out at 7am) we ended up sleeping most of the day - definitly a case of taking the overnight bus not making up any time what so ever! And of course what do you do when you wake up at 5pm but feel that you've missed the day and go out at night! We did a bit of shopping and Zoe whipped up a really good dinner (hoping to maintain this healthy eating thing from the boat - Panama junk food excepted!) and then went out to Shipwreck bar which funnily enough had a lit up shipwreck in the middle of the floor!

Sunday 5th August 2007

And so of course late night meant sleeping most of the day again! We did attempt to go and find a beach later in the day but failed miserably having walked up a dead end street until we were confronted with a rather littered patch of sand....think we've been spoilt for life by the San Blas.

Monday 6th August 2007

More concerted effort today to get out and find the magic of Bocas. That led us down to the town to find a boat to the famed beaches of the area but quickly saw us sold onto a tour that seemed to be going wherever it was you wanted to go! Quickly got a bad feeling as the other people on the boat all seemed to have different itineraries but we headed out and saw dolphins and coral reef....and then things started to go a little wrong. We stopped at a stilted restaurant above the water where most people were ordering lunch for later? We then left to go for a snorkel but just as I was getting all kitted out we realised we were then going to miss the best beach in the Bocas. So cutting our loses we jumped back in the boat and headed out to a beautiful island which I think could have rivalled San Blas (if it was sunny) but then after paying an extra $5 National Park fee and blagged into being told we'd have a couple of hours we got a little over an hour before being picked up by the irrate guide looking for the other two girls who had gone AWOL. A very rushed and bumpy ride back to the restaurant and we were blamed for making everyone late for lunch!?! Went off to calm down in a hammock whilst the Israeli girls let rip about the fact the guide seemed to be running three trips in one and then we got taken to Red Tree Frog beach. It's mainly a surf place so after a few minutes attempting to swim I gave in before I got dumped by a wave.....then it started raining. The Bocas was turning out well! We went home deciding to leave tomorrow, cooked and had some beers in the bar where we met Tony, a british guy who enjoyed doing everyones life diagnostics through a description of your favourite river?!

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