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Snow on the Surfbirds

Transporting supplies to the oil rig

Date: May 18, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: snow, sunny later in the day

Temperature: start 37º

High 42º

Wildlife count: Sea Otters (100+)

Year List: 224

Birds: Lesser Scaup, Common Loon, Northwestern Crow, Bald Eagle, Common Raven, Black-legged Kittiwake, Glaucous-winged Gulls, Glaucous Gulls, Green-winged Teal, Surfbirds, Mew Gulls, Wandering Tattler, Dowitchers, Northern Shovelers, Black Scoter, Song Sparrow

We were up and out at the harbor by 7:45am, watching for the Tiĝlax to leave. No one seemed to be aboard, so we birded in the snow, meeting up with several shorebird monitors. By 9:20, we headed for the Visitor’s Center, as nothing was moving. We found out later that the trip was postponed due to high winds and waves.

Our first workday went very smooth. We had over 200 visitors, and we spoke with most of them. The logistics of opening and closing the museum were completed with the help of Ithaca and Marianne, and it was rather simple. We have the list of procedures, so it should be easy next time. We will not be alone, unless there should be some unusual circumstance. After lunch, we took brochures around throughout town, announcing Tidepool walks, to be the weekend of Memorial Day, so even though we are off, we will attend at least one, so we might have the opportunity later to lead some. It was a delightful workday.

Dinner was simple – Kielbasa, mac-cheese & broccoli, with pudding and Angel-food cake for dessert. Since it was sunny, we took a ride out on the spit to look for birds, but with the wind, we saw very few. It was just a great evening to be out in the sunshine, even though it was only 42° and a strong wind. (We enjoyed the views from the truck).

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