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Approaching Mono Lake's Navy Beach area from the road above

Approaching Mono Lake on the trail

Violet green sparrow - beautiful bird

Mono Lake Tufas

Nancy spotted a sparrow's nest in the tufa tower

Mono Lake South Tufa area

Pieces of tufa at the shores edge

Mono Lake

Tufa Towers - Petrified Springs

Mono Lake being explored by a geo class

Little wildflowers near Mono Lake

Southwest end of Mono Lake as the storm was brewing

Mono Lake from a road above the lake

Mono Lake from a road above the lake

Mono Lake South Tufa area looking towards the island

A storm came rolling in

Lone tree on a bluff

The sky was about to dump

Mono Lake

This storm was fun to watch

Mono Lake

The sky was ever changing on the lake

Notice the two white spots on the water? The rain was really...


Once a tree grew here

Does this look like a teddy bear to you?

Interesting facts

Painted Brush on Mono Lake upper road

I love this shot taken by Nancy on the Canon. She calls...

We could see Mono Lake from our front window at the park. It was our last night in Lee Vining so, we went exploring Mono Lake after dinner. The sun was still high, but the sky was changing. Upon arriving the skies were clear and the sun reflecting off the sand and tufa was almost blinding. As the clouds rolled in, the lake took on a whole different look. We were only there for about 35 minutes, but it was interesting to watch the changes. We actually never got rained on, but it sure came down over the lake.

The lake has a very interesting eco system. The pictures tell most of the story this time. The cream colored rock towers are known as Tufa. The towers reveal where springs once emerged beneath the lake. The areas that we were walking on today were all covered by water prior to 1941. As the water level of the lake dropped, the towers were exposed and the springs that formed them dried up.

L.A. had been using and depleting this water source for years. 1994, the California State Water Resources Control Board set a new target level for the lake to bring it back to within 25 of it's original level in 1941. They have a sign posted showing where the shores edge will be at that point. This means that you may not be able to see anything but the tops of the tufa. They didn't say how long it will take, but we are sure glad that we got to experience it and are able to share it with you. Enjoy!

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