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We woke to a pretty bright day and packed the car. We had good intentions of getting straight out of Sydney as Mum still has her loathing of big cities. But we couldn't leave with out frog getting a look at the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. Both Mum and I had seen the before although she had only seen them from the plane.

We headed into the city and went across the bridge. I then took a turn that I hoped would get us to the spot that I wanted a photo from. It was the one with the Opera House being seen under the bridge. We got lucky and found some parking then took a walk to get some shots. It wasn't far from Luna Park whose face was in brilliant condition. Unlike the Melbourne one I had seen many years earlier when half the face was on the side walk and you could see the exposed chicken wire.

It was good to get out for a walk and see the sights again. It was from the opposite side this time for me than last but you can still tell that photo's of the Opera House are photoshopped. That sucker hasn't been gleaming white for a long time. It was dirty cream the last time I was here and was again this time.

We then headed out of town with the intention of getting to Tamworth. My friend Lou would be so happy. It was a long drive as there was a lot of small towns to get through going along the Princess Highway.

Hate to say that I found the entrance to Tamworth very disappointing. I expected some kind of 'Welcome to...' sign that had a country theme, but it was really dull with barely an acknowledgment of the towns limits. However there is several different ways into town and we came in the more back way. They have a big gold guitar and we will be heading there tomorrow before we leave. I just wanted more but I guess all the stories and excitement in Lou's eyes when she talked about it, set me up too high. You can't blame someone for loving a place though.

Although we thought we would find it hard to fill up the days between leaving Sydney and arriving in Brisbane as it's such a short distance, Mum has found many places on the map that she wants to visit. Places like Coffs Harbour and Tenterfield are just two. So it looks as though we should be able to get a few decent things to write up about before we go awol on the ship.

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