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This morning I said goodbye to Jenny and Andrea – well, actually, I didn’t say goodbye, they were both sound asleep as I quietly left the room at 6:35am for my bullet train to Tokyo to meet Craig.

Craig had flown in at 5:30am and went straight to the hotel for a sleep and I got there around 11am. It was a fairly quiet day, organising Craig’s Japan Rail pass, booking our other bullet trains for later in the week, grabbing a quick lunch in a side alley in Hamamatsucho and generally getting our TINY room organised so that we could move around our suitcases.

We headed out for dinner with no real idea of what we would like and after 10 minutes of checking out the menus out the front of various restaurants, settled on a small traditional Japanese restaurant filled with locals.

Everyone was extremely welcoming, even the chef greeted us as we walked in. And an added bonus was their English was good enough to be understood – sort of. This place was really trying to accommodate English speaking tourists. In addition to having an English menu with lots of pictures, they presented us with laminated pictures of each dish so that we could hand over the cards showing what we wanted – a little like Japanese Snap!

I have taken quite a liking to okonomiyaki, a type of savoury Japanese pancake. I asked if they had any on the menu and quickly realised that even with Google Translate, it was going to be hard to explain what I was after. Obviously, my pronunciation needed a little work.

Our waiter rushed off to ask the chef, he came back so proud, saying yes, they could give me Japanese pancakes. In addition to the other items we had ordered, adding this was going to be too much for us both but he was so pleased, I didn’t have the heart to say no.

Our wonderful meal of edamame, sashimi, grilled mackerel and rice arrived with my pancake – two buttermilk pancakes, butter, honey and a fried egg!!! When I didn’t finish all the pancakes (Craig refused to help me out!) they asked numerous times if it was okay. I ecstatically told them it was perfect (everyone needs a barely set fried egg on pancakes for dinner!).

And so ended the first day of the start of the “big” trip together… and no more pancakes for me!

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