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Markers through Obanos

Beginning of the procession in Obanos

Pouring the wine through the skull

Enjoying our free wine and sandwiches

Famous Queen's Bridge at Puente la Reina

Tonight's Albergue - 16th Century building

Day 4 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 756m, minimum = 336m

Beautiful partly cloudy day around 16 degrees.

Forgot to mention last 5km of yesterday, we had rain - got to use backpack raincovers and helped clean our boots!

The rain overnight meant wet paths again. The gravel and stones kept the sticky mud at bay. We walked along undulating paths through green pastures with views of Pamplona behind us and mountains all around. We climbed the El Perdón mountain range to 770m (my GPS had it lower). On the descent down we were swamped by about 20 pilgrims racing down the stony path - small daypacks, suspiciously clean clothes and boots and moving at lightning speed - perhaps the 'Walk the Camino in a week tour'??!!.

We continued on to the village of Obanos for lunch. As we left the bar, I noticed a poster which indicated a procession was happening at 1pm at the village church. It was 12.45pm. So, we decided to stay and watch. The lads we shared a room with wondered through the square at that moment. E (from US but originally from Venezuela and fluent in Spanish) asked the locals what was to happen. Turns out the procession was around the church in honour of a pilgrim who became a saint - killed his sister and then walked to Santiago and then lived a life of poverty to repent. The locals then poured wine through a silver impression of his skull and it's said to give you great knowledge. We were encouraged to join in. So. we did and enjoyed, being in the procession and the wine and sandwiches provided. As actual pilgrims, we were pushed to the front of lines for the wine and sandwiches - a pretty cool experience.

We walked with the lads (E, S1 (Swiss), S2 (US) & M (UK)) from then to Puente la Reina (Queen's Bridge) and then on to Mañeru where we checked into the Albergue for the night - A beautiful 16th Century building.

Too much fun drinking beers at a bar and then enjoying the pilgrim dinner at the Albergue - 12 of us in total.

Today's distance = 25km

Total distance = 99km

Yellow VW count Troy - 1 (One in Cizur Menor last night. He might say 2 but I'm not counting the toy one in Granada) Sue - 0

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