Alaska...Again 2016 travel blog

Day 19. Downtown RV Park. We picked up the AK Hwy this AM. Had a slight mishap before we left. One of my eggs got frozen. I let it thaw a few minutes, then cracked it. It came out all in one piece. Funniest looking thing sitting in the fry pan. Tasted fine.The drive from Ft Nelson to Munche is the most scenic on the AK Hwy. Last time we missed it because it was raining and snowing. It was awesome!! Also along the way we're the famous CINNAMON BUNS! Totally the best ever! Made my day. Saw 2 bears and several bison. Could tell when we were getting near some bison as there was bison poop on the side of the road. The more poop the more bison there would be. Also along the way were several airstrips which were part of the NW Staging Route. During World War II they were stops for sending supplies to Alaska and Russia. There were no written maps, so the pilots were handed Shan written scrap of paper and fold 'you can't miss it'. The RV park ranks right up there with the worst. Large gravel parking lot with electric posts. Hard to situate so our slide didn't hit the neighbors slide. I was literally about 1 foot from my neighbors slide when I stepped out of the camper. But, NO BUGS!!

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