Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Funny money

The long, long truck

Got off to a good start this morning. Filled up with fuel .89/liter & dumped the tanks and took on a full tank of fresh water all before 8am. That's because I thought it was 6 when i got up but it was actually 5. We aren't having much luck with our restaurant choices, not awful but not great either. They've got money up here that has a picture of my third grade teacher on it! (pic) haha, never seen anything like it! Also driving down the road today this trucker with two 53' trailers passed me, (pic) never seen anything like it! Ha. Anyway we've made it to Edmonton, this town is huge! They have 15 Walmarts! 15! Never seen anything like it! This is kind of the unofficial jumping off place to the great white north. Everyone says stock up here for anything you think you might need on the way to Alaska, so we are doing that. We'll make entries to this journal when we have internet access. Cheers!

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