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Lake Tinaroo

Curtain Figtree

Roots of Curtain Figtree

Malanda Falls

Fine Dining at the Show

Produce display at the show

Nerada Tea Plantation

Tree Kangaroo

Millaa Millaa Falls

General view Atherton tablelands

Steer wrestling at the rodeo

Bull riding at the rodeo

Beer drinking by the countryfolk

Cobbold Gorge from the top

Cobbold Gorge

Freshwater crocodile

Deeper in the Cobbold Gorge

Not very wide

Cobbold Gorge

Hi All,

We left the coast behind bound for the Atherton Tablelands a very fertile area where most of the milk for far north Queensland is made at the local Dairy Farmers factory, the countryside was magnificently green following what we were told was good but not heavy rain. There are several small towns in the vicinity all can be covered in 2 days including Atherton, Lake Tinaroo, Yungaburra, Malanda and Millaa Millaa, all have a story to tell, are very picturesque and have lots of natural attractions. In Malanda we came across a country show for the inevitable piece of fine dining (for those interested in the know the score was A - 0.5 & M - 2.5…..)

Our next goal in this journey was to visit Cobbold Gorge south of Georgetown and about 80kms of dirt road each way, why, well because we have not been there before and it is there and very spectacular, not big but in its small way spectacular in its own way. The trip down the gorge included a 2 kms bush walk which too was fun. We will let the photos talk for themselves.

Next stop was Croydon a very small town with no real services apart from police, ambulance and council depot oh and 1 pub. A fine place for the car to decide that it did not want the battery any more so we had to get a new one, now that’s fun in a town with no mechanic, the RACQ guy was useless. But typical of the bush help was found and could not be remunerated apart from the cost of the undersize battery. It might get replaced in a bigger town depending on mechanical advice when we get there. Also whilst there we found a noise in the car that should not be there, more problems.

After Croydon we headed again, with the noise, west for Normanton to do a train trip but that’s tomorrow and for the next journal and we had the funny noise looked at. Local mechanic repaired the problem quickly being a lose bolt on a torsion or sway bar anyway a bar with a loose bolt. Again no charge, it’s the way of the bush.

There appears to be a lot of coloured people in this little town, one local pub with a huge veranda seemed to be their favourite visiting place and that was before lunch!

Today 112 kms out of town we hit a landmark for us personally, we have (by our records) now towed caravans, 3 hired ones and 2 owned now a total of 100,000kms, we have slept in our 2 owned caravans 1186 nights and hooked them on 455 times. Sorry totally useless information.

And so, as ever, the adventure continues. Tomorrow “The Gulflander”” train trip to Croydon and back by bus.

Love and best wishes

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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