Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Pool on roof of our hotel

View from our hotel

A courtyard

Balcon de Europa

The Mediterranean Sea

A bride & groom

The posed picture

Super moon

A busy street


Good place to eat

The next morning - found the "Barber of Nerja." Never found him...



One of the beaches

Sun worshipers




Crashing waves

A favorite means of transportation

Restored from the toppled fort



Down the muzzle

East view

With King Alfonso XII

He had the town reconstructed after the earthquake of 1884

Balcon de Europa

Dinner at Fusion




9/27/2015 Nerja on the Costa del Sol

Our stop at the Pileta Cave delayed our arrival at Nerja until about 5:30. We circled around and around trying to find our hotel and at last parked in an underground parking lot which was a short walk to our hotel, the Puerta del Mar. We checked in and quickly explored the rooftop pool and then headed off to find the famous “Balcon de Europa.” We could see the beaches down below and a bride and groom were wading in the surf (under the direction of the photographer!). Tonight is the super moon eclipse and the moon was rising as we headed off for dinner. Of course, Tapas!

The next morning, we took a walk on the beach where many scantily clad sun worshipers (some were extremely scantily clad) were getting a bit overdone. We returned to the Balcon de Europa where a fort had been in place before the earthquake of 1884 which destroyed almost everything including the fort. King Alfonso XII coerced the rich to rebuild and he coined the name of the promontory “Balcon de Europa.” His statue is on the site.

We had dinner at Fusion - a trendy restaurant with great food and excellent service. There were two wonderful buskers. One played an accordion and the other a very classical guitar. We got back to our hotel and as we were getting ready for bed heard the sound of thunder and looked out to see a downpour. This had not been predicted, but came and went as they usually do.

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