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Seaside Sign

Lewis & Clark Monument at Seaside

Seaside Beach

Iain at Seaside Beach

Christine watching kite at Seaside Beach

Kite Store

Plaque at Salt Works

Salt works

Interesting house at Seaside

Garden Decoration at Seaside

Road to Tower

Astoria Column under Renovation

View from tower towards Washington

Canoe at Tower

We had a lazy breakfast, made up a picnic and set of northwards. We stopped at Safeway in Seaside to restock, Particularly water as the last stops have not had facilities for filling our large bottles. As we entered the town we did not recognize it. It has expanded substantially since our last visit with large stores an businesses lining the highway. After 30 years I suppose we should expect change.

As we went towards the beach the town became more recognizable with its narrow streets lined by older buildings, though new ones have also popped up. We reached the front and were fortunate to find a parking spot very close to a terminal traffic circle. We took our food and went to a bench overlooking the beach and had our lunch while watching the beach activities. It was cool, but as the sun shone weakly through the clouds it gave the impression of warmth. Kite flying is a popular activity here and for many years, at our previous home, we flew a kite which we had purchased here from the corner of our garage.

We walked along the front towards the south where I recalled seeing a salt works left by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We did not see it. We walked back part of the way then went back behind the houses and walked the rest of the way towards the street where we had parked. As we walked along the main street we found a kite shop which had hundreds, if not thousands of kites on display.

We got back to the car and drove along the back streets behind where we had walked and discovered a sign to the salt works. We found it just about where we had turned back from our walk, but it is now surrounded by homes with a tiny park, where I recall a large lawn type park surrounding it. Either there has been development or I am suffering from aged and selective memory.

We set off further north and ended at Astoria where we drove up the winding rode to the Astoria Column. This is a tall column with a spiral mural depicting the early history of Oregon. Regretfully, the column is under renovation and the graphics are not readily discernible. We enjoyed the view of the Columbia and Willamette rivers with their many bridges, all shrouded in the mist that pervaded the coast again today.

We returned through Seaside to the campground and prepared and enjoyed dinner. We settled down to sort our photos and had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow we will explore along the coast south of here.

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