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Paris - city of bikes

Always a bit of a sad moment and empty feeling leaving "Oma" behind by herself in the old house at Laageinde 98. Hope we will be able to meet her many more times in years to come. She is very healthy and pretty active for a 84 years old, so look forward to our next visit to Holland, whenever that may be.

With Marco we took a train from Breda to Rotterdam and visited the office, where he is working (Mercer). We met a few of his work mates and were impressed by the building and closeness to the Central Station where he is based.

We thanked Marco for all that he, Sylvia and Myrthe had done for and with us over the past 10 days and then set out on the fast train from Rotterdam to Paris. Only stops were in Antwerp and Brussels, so 2 1/2 hours after our departure we could say 'Bonjour Paris'!

The lady, whose apartment we are renting,had explained how to get to her place with the metro and without too many hassles, we got there. The cleaning lady was working in the apartment after the previous occupants had left the same morning.

Happy to leave the various suit cases in the unit, especially considering the warnings we had received from various people to be careful with our belongings and mind pick pocketers.

We went for a walk, had a drink at one of the many restaurants in our area (you can see the Sacre Coeur on the hill ln the distance), and then went back to our unit to meet Elodie, the landlord who explained a few of the house rules for this week.

Paris has good system, where you can hire a bicycle from any of the "bike rack" stations (photo enclosed). Not sure if it runs on a general credit card system or some type of debit card, but you swipe it when you take a bike and swipe it again when you drop off the bike at another point.

A beautiful dinner at an Indian restaurant around the corner finished off the first half day in France!

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