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Me at Delfi with the temple of Apollo behind

Started heading to Delfi on a fairly new freeway, and we soon realised why the death rate on Greek roads is so high. It is a 6 lane (3 eachway) Freeway with 120k/h speed limit. (We where siting on about 135km (sorry mum) and where over taken by almost every type of vehicle, they are nuts.

Further along it started to rain. This was our first day of rain since we have been here so we have been lucky. This coresponded with the freeway finishing for a bit and it returning to a two lane road. But we soon learned to travel on the edge of the road because double unbroken lines mean nothing in Greece. People even overtake on a blind corner.

After taking the wrong turn and going up a goat track (there where actually goats on it) we arrived at Delfi at 4.30pm just as the rain was stopping.

It was an amazing place. This is the place that the two eagles collided when Zues released them from different sides of the world. The place where life started in Greek mithology.

Even though it was CLOSED MONDAY day luckly it was open and better yet was free (I think it was because of the rain). The valley it sits in is amazing and it is a place I will return to in better weather.

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