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fall colors

is that snow?

lake ahead

more fall colors


We came south 150 miles and returned to the same campground in Whitehorse that we enjoyed the beginning of June. Since then they've changed their unlimited internet policy, much to our chagrin, since this may be our last chance to catch up with podcasts, app updates, new magazines, etc. until we cross the US border. At the rate we are going that will be another week or so.

Today's drive would have been spectacular if we hadn't already had so many other better ones. The bright blue sky made it all look its best, but except for a stop for lunch, we drove, drove, drove. I tried to take a few photos out the window to document the drive.

We headed to Tim Horton’s since we heard they have free internet. We nursed a cup of coffee until they closed for the evening and then headed to McDonald’s to download a bit more and had another cup of coffee. By the time we get it all done, we’ll have caffeine jitters big time.

The satellite radio started working shortly before we got here. Can the satellite TV and internet be far behind?

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