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The hard to photo Toucan

Hmm, mud, almost looks edible.

Wow, Costa Rica is more expensive, somehow we spent $70 in the first night!! Going to try and make it cheaper farther south.

We spent the day at a local national park. We wanted to camp there but our hotel said they had stopped that. We think he was wrong, but a day trip was a better idea.

The parks forest didn't feel very tropical (apart from the temperature), but its contents certainly did. More Toucans and Agouti, both camera shy. More monkeys and more lizards. We bought an animal guide which we could have done with 3 weeks ago. We have been calling a local bird "Magpie-like" and it turned out to be a variety of Magpie, so that was a comfort. The highlight of the park was its geothermal features. A variety of pits and pots, bubbling a wonderful smell (if you like eggs) and colours to match, ranging from purple to yellow.

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