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En el bus...

Todo se pega...

El asiento del conductor del bus...

Nuestro "hogar" la primera noche...¡La caseta del perro!

Mucho mejor aquí. Nuestro nuevo hogar.

Vacas hasta en la playa.

Nuestra puesta de sol de cada día...

Kudle Beach - Gokarna

Internet en todas partes

Otra vaca en la playa...

Playa de Kudle - Gokarna

Felices en la playa

Puesta de sol

Siempre presentes

¡Qué estrés!

Playa de Kudle - Gokarna

Playa de Kudle - Gokarna

Cogiendo agua del pozo...


Kudle Beach - Gokarna

Con la mosquitera a todas partes

Kudle Beach - Gokarna

Puesta de sol


We are in Gokarna now and it's paradise!!! But first we must tell you about our journey to get here... quite an adventure!!!! From Panaji we took a 'semi-luxury' bus to Alkona in Karnataka, but 'semi-luxury' basically means that the rug sacks go on the roof of the bus, everything else was like any other local bus, crowded and smelling of sweat all over the place. Anyway, it was a pleasure to the eye to look out of the window to the changing landscape. We finally made it to Alkona (kilometers here seems to be much longer than in Europe, plus buses go at 40 Km/h). In Alkona we took another bus and finally made it to Gokarna. We crossed the town in a rickshaw and then left for Kudle Beach (10 Km. away from Gokarna). The crossing of the town was enough to make us realise that it is a very special town and that we are definitely going back there and spending at least one night in that reddish bustling town with crooked winding streets full of stands and people all over the place. The trip by rickshaw to Kudle Beach was another adventure. 10 Km can be a long distance when one is driving over a narrow path with bends and bumps at every corner, but we made it and the rug sacks didn't fall from the roof of the rickshaw. Amazing!!! The rickshaw driver left us in the middle of nowhere and told us we had to go down a narrow dark path in order to reach the beach and then look for a place to stay. Luckily we had some torches and we made it somehow, but believe me when I say that it was difficult to jump from rock to rock with 20 Kg. on our backs. Quite a challenge!!! It was too dark to make a proper search of a nice place to stay, so we stayed at the first place we saw. You should have seen that hut!!!!! How can I explain this? There was absolutely nothing in it, no beds, no lighting, no floor (just mud), no lock, no window, no toilet, no shower... nothing other than bugs all over the place. Well, we paid 50 rupees for the hut (30 cents each), so I guess one couldn't ask for much more and it was okay just for one night. We woke up only to realise that we were surrounded by rubbish and decided one night was enough and went to look for a better place, which is where we are now. This is simply paradise. We have a hut with a hammock and the most amazing beach is just there. We are sooooo happy to be here. I have no words this time. I think we are going to spend a few days here, lying on the beach, getting suntanned and enjoying these incredible sunsets, having fresh fish for dinner and breathing in the atmosphere. It's so amazing it's going to be hard to leave...

I want to take the opportunity to thank Leyre for all her translations, so that Mikel's parents get these updates, and also Jess and Reka and Aude for their e-mails. To Reka and Christina I would like to say: Please send me photos of those gorgeous babies of yours! I want to see them!

With all my love to my parents and relatives, from Gokarna, paradise itself!!!

Idoia & Mikel.

Un abrazo enorme a la familia Beloki Bernas y a la tia Irene. Muchas gracias por los e-mails. Seguid en contacto que no os podeis imaginar la ilusion con la que los recibimos.

Aupa Leyre. Espero que se vea recompensado ese trabajo de traduccion, y no con simples palmaditas en la espalda, no. Que suelten pasta que el curro se las trae.

Aitatxo, uno de los problemas que tenemos en occidente es que ya solo hablamos de las cosas que podemos ver, que podemos tocar y oir. Hablar de amor, carino, esperanza se nos hace pesado, incluso cursi. Sin embargo, no dar importancia a las cosas que no vemos hace que perdamos parte de nuestra humanidad. Supongo que a muchos no les importara ya que es algo que tampoco se ve, pero a mi si. Yo os amo con locura, a todos, os amo mas que a mi vida. Y al que le parezca cursi que se joda.

Mikel e Idoia.

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