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Church & Plaza Bolivar - Porlamar

We headed out at 8:30 for Juan Griego but being a bus it takes an hour...stops and traffic. I experience a fit of nerves due to lateness (arr at bus terminal J.G. at 9:45) so instead of getting out in town to see the church and waterfront, we find ourselves 1 km inland. Bon is frustrated and upset w/ mua due to my twit thus sees no point in taking a taxi back and forth to see the ocean/church. We take the 1st por puesto car available back to Porlamar arr about 10.30. After buying fruit etc, we head to bus terminal and board a bus to ferry. Since Margerina, the very helpful desk gal at the hotel, said we needed to be to ferry an hour ahead (11am), Bon was quite put out that the driver (in a full bus) was constantly texting and going slow so he could continue to text. She told him we needed to catch the noon ferry (I was sitting at the very rear of bus, she next to driver). Apparently, he said 'No problem' but continued his slow driving/texting thus infuriating Bon!

We finally arr at the ferry dock at 11.30, rushed in and by 11.45 had our tickets and we'er on our way to ferry. Five minutes after we got settle on board it pulled away from the dock precisely at noon! We read to the music of screeching little kids...Bon and I can't wait to leave this part of S. America behind.

Bus to Cumana on winding, mtnous roads thru green scrub rain forest along a slope with palm lined beaches below, lots of launches (fishing boats or to take tourists to island beaches?), few people (thurs). At P. de C. saw our first Euro-looking, young group (6-8) of backpackers obv. travelling together - in the bus terminal. All along the way we see little cement/wood houses clinging to hillside along the highway (2 lanes) and lots of truck/car traffic. Arr in Cumana, oldest city in L. America, 5:30 and ck into a Posada across from bus terminal. Ckg the schedule for buses tomor we wait and wait for almost two hours, finally the fellow shows and it turns out the only bus leaving during the day to Caracas departs at 12:45pm! We are not happy about this since we will get into Caracas at nite but still want to see countryside.

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