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Look at that tail.

See the jelly in the spoon. This is a Pipa Coconut!

Got blown off the power line but was ok in the end.

What a bee hive. Did not stay around long!

Few minuts after the fall.

Big Vulture.

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See the faces. Waiting for the fallen mokey. Sad.See the baby ,...

Breakfast in Samara Beach fells like heaven.I leave the Tico lodge and pass a tree full of birds. They sound like the best music from every bird that you have ever heard. I walk up to the Sheriff's Rustic Rest and see a squirrel eating a seed in a tree above. I sit down to soft Costa Rican music. Across the road a squirrel makes a heroic dash for the closest palm tree. A beautiful woman in a while dress walks by pushing her bike on the sand. A large yellow butterfly floats by behind her. I glance across the sand to see a large pelican glide over a smooth breaking wave. Am I in heaven or is this earth. I slurp my papaya smoothie and walk into the clouds. ITS CALLED MORNING IN SAMARA BEACH COSTA RICA. Just another day ..... This really happened , not the clouds. Brad.

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