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the trailer not quite where it's suppose to be

assessment of damage

Spot A17 at Utah Lake State Park

Another view of our spot

Our plan to leave yesterday didn't quite work out. We finally got the last minute errands done and everything loaded. Rick pulled the trailer out of the fire station bay as I moved to grab the broom so I could sweep the floor where the trailer sat. Suddenly I heard a thud/bump/crash. I quickly went out to see what the noise was all about. Uh-oh... the fifth-wheel was not where it was suppose to be on the back of the truck.

Rick had only made it about 30 yards out the door taking the turn necessary to get around the building when the trailer pin came out of the truck hitch slamming the trailer down onto the bed and bed-rail. The front jacks were firmly inserted into the gravel. Our hearts sank and our skin turned ash-colored. We both swore that we heard the hitch lock....obviously it didn't. We said a few choice words and started feeling all the emotion and confusion that goes with the event as we assessed the damage. So we accomplished the thing that all experienced full-timers have told us..."It's not a matter of IF it will happen, it's a matter of WHEN!" Oh dear!

Ok, the tail-gate is totalled, there's a huge gash in the bed and one bed-rail has a huge dent in it - that rear panel is all askew...but the trailer appears to be fine.

Thank goodness the trailer jacks were long enough to get the trailer up to hitch level again. Rick took it to our friend Mitch McDowell so he could take a look at everything. We bought our truck from him and he has towed many different kinds of "trailers". After a thorough assessment he determined that everything was ok....didn't look so good, but hey...nobody got hurt.

After parking the fifthwheel back in the station we called Bryan Craig,our insurance agent, and went to get the required estimates. Our agent had a vented tailgate we could have.

We decided that we would try again today. Needless to say, neither of us slept very well last night.

This morning we hooked up and made SURE that the hitch was firmly locked. We were under way by 10:30, made it through Salt Lake City by 2:30 and arrived at the Utah Lake State Park in Provo at about 4:00. The park attendant was kind enough to transfer our pre-paid reservation for last night to tonight.

The weather has been very pleasant once we got through the heavy down-pour between Ogden and Salt Lake. We were also fortunate to not have much road construction until the American Fork/Provo stretch.

We'll get on the road again tomorrow and see where we stop for the night....maybe Moab.

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