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Bucking bronco

Kids ram riding

Kids ram riding 2

Kids ram riding 3

Kids ram riding 4

Trained turkey vulture

Bob and his friend

Gulf fritillary butterfly

Lego T-Rex

Lego man 1

Lego man 2

Lego - "The Future"

The Future - sideways

Mt.Shasta and a bit of Shasta Lake

As we drove 150 miles inland to Redding, CA, we watched the temperature go from 58 degrees with fog, clouds and mist to a bright sunny dry 101 degrees. Luckily we chose a campground with a pool – because we happily used it all 4 evenings of our stay.

We went to their big annual rodeo complete with calf roping, barrel racing, Clydesdale horses, bull wrestle, bucking broncos, and bull riding – all unbelievably dangerous sports. I am so thankful that none of our boys grew up wanting to be cowboys. Now I totally understand why ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Ty Murray had trouble looking graceful and bending enough. He probably had every bone in his body broken at least once. But the event that really made you question the sport was the kids’ ram riding. The parents strap on the 5,6, or 7 year old’s helmet, set them on a ram and open the gates. The kids then get bucked off almost immediately – stomped on by the ram’s kicking feet, picked up by the rushing in parent, dust brushed off and tears wiped away. When one little girl was asked what she thought of it – she said loud and clear she wasn’t gonna do it again. It was certainly an exciting night however.

Redding is a big sprawling city north central in CA with the Sacramento River running through it and a 10 mile paved bike trail on both sides. There’s also a very well done tourist attraction – Exploration Park – with a wild animal show, a butterfly house, an aviary you go into and feed the birds, botanical gardens and arboretum. A lego builder was also displaying his creations in one building and they were totally amazing. His T-Rex took 40,000 pieces and 1 year to build. He glues his pieces together because the angles he uses couldn’t support the weight of the legos. Look at the picture titled “The Future”. Then look at my next pic which is taken looking at “The Future” sideways. Can you see what it says? Pretty neat.

The landscape in this whole area of North Central CA is a result of volcanoes. Mt. Shasta can be seen from 100 miles all around and the Shasta Dam just above Redding created a huge lake filled with vacationing houseboats in the summer. Almost no houses or buildings are on the lake because the Nat’l Forest Service owns it all.

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