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Lee's Ferry where we thought we might launch our kayaks.

But the wind came up and blew things all over the place.

But there was a wonderful campsite to watch the Colarado rush past.

A Colarado panorama


More rapids

Calm water

A much better toast!



We decided to check out Antelope Point Marina on the other side of Page, but found the same big-boat and long ramp situation there too. Then we had a brainstorm. Lee's Ferry, downriver from the dam, was not too far, and we remembered that there was actually a beach there for launching river-rafting trips. There is also a normal boat ramp as well, since it is at rive level. The water is smooth upstream but lots of rapids downstream. (This is where we started our Grand Canyon rafting trip in 1998.) Unfortunately the wind came up strong with blowing dust moments before we could get the kayaks down, but we found a National Park Campground right there off the road and up a bit with great views of the canyon (probably the downstream remnant of Glen Canyon) just before Marble Canyon. We camped there overnight and enjoyed the rest of the day up there.

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