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You ain't nuffin without a breakfast muffin!

Entrance to the Cango Caves

Em climbs the walls in excitement.

Plan of the Caves. We only did the first (yellow) bit!!!!

Em in a cave!

Em lit up the cave!!

A stalagmite/tite/column thing!!!

Big rock, little Emma

This was called the 'Church Organ'. Em's showing you where it is!!!!

A stalagtite meets a stalagmite. They have a few drinks, bit of...

Actually THIS might be the 'Church Organ'! Emma was lying to you...

Some other cool stuff!

Us in the way of the other cool stuff!!!

The "Honeymoon Bed" aparently

That Church thing again!

The Tea Room before our cycle

Em's got a gun pointed at me under the table. "You better...

It wasn't as good as she wanted so she chopped my hands...

Mountains creeping up behind Em

Em gets a 'cuddle' from Betsy

Honestly I don't have my hand 'up it' Emu style!!!!

This one crept up on me!!!

Feeding time at Emma's face!

A very odd neck massage

They bagged an Ostrich for Em to ride. Literally

Where'd everyone go?!?!

That way!!!

Em was the only volunteer. I was 'just' too heavy!!!

It's harder than it looks aparently!

Brimming with confidence!

Ahhhhh lovely. There that wasn't so bad was it.................

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

She literally got there in 2 seconds!..........then she fell off!!!

The Ostrich wasn't laughing..............

MWWWWWAAAAAAHHH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH said evil Emma the Osterich straddler!!!

Mini Man shows us how's it'a meant to be done!

Well if you wanna make an omelette........a really big omelette.............

On yer bike son!!!

Em heard a Mojito being made in the distance and was off!!!

She forgot my wallet!!!

Yeah I make that helmet look good!!!

Has anyone seen City of Angels with Nicholas Cage in it? Well...

We passed loads of School kids on their way home and they...

And just for that I took a photo of their School!!!

A very long road that we just cycled!

RAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Entrance to Cango Wildlife Ranch

You lookin at me?!?!? The Meercat went all De Niro on my...

A baby log.

This bird had it in for me man!!!

Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne...

Bubby schnappers

I told you!!

I was just waiting for it to crap on me!!!

He'd run out of poo so he called in back-up!!!

Ohhh your're such a Boar...............AHHHH HAH HAH HAH HAH

He had his eye on us. Luckily this one didn't land on...

I seeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. He's using the trees..... (A Predator quote). Whatever!!!

This croc was about the size of our flat!!!

Bubby Cheetah

Synchronised Cheetah's

A big scary lion. Bet I can make him laugh though......

Told you!!!!

A different Lion and Lioness

This one didn't have as good a sence of humour as the...

A Siberian Tiger

Yeah man!!!! Don't worry it's stuffed!!!

Only messin it really is real. And yes Em now wants one!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Easy tiger.

same narrative as before!


Sorry, all my jokes are too paw for this photo.....DOH!!!!

No one was interested in meeting my two ginger fellas!!!!

To celebrate surviving the tigers and Ostriches!!! TEQUILA!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand a few more just for good measure!!!

A trick shot. Zain played it off my head, down my nose,...

THE BAR'S CLOSED!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The official picture

Yeah Em's is better!!!

Ahhhhh where to begin!!

Ok I'll begin with the brecko at 7.30am!

We had Ostrich bacon and scrambled Ostrich eggs. Spot the theme here!!!

Anyway the plan for today was to get driven to Cango Caves, then droppped off at a Tea Room/garden thing, and then cycle 12k back stopping off at the Ostrich Farm and the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

Cango Caves where really cool.

We opted for the normal tour rather than the 'Adventure' tour (which involves squeezing through a 27cm hole. I think I'd still be there now if we'd tried that one!!!!

Anyway see the pictures of the caves, they were amazing, but are just caves after all!!!

After this Kevin dropped us (and our rather beaten up bikes!) off at a really pretty Tea Room in the middle of no where.

It was random but very quaint and it had a really relaxing atmosphere as we were the only ones there!!!

From here we cycled up a small road to the Ostrich Farm.

We had a guided tour which explained stuff about Ostriches etc and then we got to meet some of the little beauties!!!

Ostriches are agressive by nature and cannot be trained as they don't have the brain capacity, however the first one we met, Betsy, was a one off and was really friendly!!!

She gave us a neck cuddle!!!

We met/fed a few more (see the photos!) and then we got to the main event, Ostrich riding!!!

Out of our group Em was the only volunteer (Some of us were disqualified on account of our......ehem....girth).

The brave Emma made a valiant effort however half way round the pen the Ostrich decided enough was enough and dropped Em on her ass!!!!

It sped off at about 20 miles an hour so I didn't really get any photos of it unfortunately but Em did really well anyway!!

However then the little jockey man jumped on and showed us how it was REALLY done - he was stearing the Ostrich Neck like a joystick man!!!

Ostriches are very wierd things...............but taste lubily!!!

Annnnnnnnyway from here we cycled around 10k down to the Wildlife Ranch.

The bikes were'nt great but the roads were pretty flat or downhill so it was quite an enjoyable cycle really. Em didn't moan once!!!

We cycled past some young school kids on their way home and they all high fived us which was strange but nice. Can you imagine that happening in England!!!!

As I say we got to the Wildlife Ranch without any problems and went on the tour in there.

It's quite wierd being in a zoo in this part of the world as it seemed more natural to have all these amazing animal like lions, tigers, cheetas, crocs, hippos etc in there in their own environment (all be it in pens) rather say than in London zoo where you have like a tired looking Polar Bear in a concrete pool!!!

I don't know man, it just seemed really cool and a lot different to any zoo we've ever been to before!

I also got jumped by a couple of birds! No, real birds!!

One of them was like Dexter the monkey from Night in the Museum and just had it in for me!

After the tour me and Em went into the tiger pen and mucked about with a Bengal Tiger cub for 15 minutes.

I say cub but it was still pretty big, and did go for me at one point!!

It was an amazing thing to do, and tomorrow Em's signed up for a skinny dip with the crocodiles!!! Not really. Aligators.......not really.............Caymen......not really (Em is on my shoulder making me type all these "not really's" in!!!).

After this we had a very simple 10 min cycle back to the hostel and time for a nice cold beer and a bit of reflection as the sun went down.

Rather luckily there were a few more people with the same idea and the night panned out to be a rather booze fuelled pool party (the dry not the wet variety).

It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

And it's a good job we took all those photo's as I had trouble remembering stuff the next morning!!!


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