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emma kitted out for black water tubing

Maori Chief

Maori village

Maori Women

Offering the peace symbol

scary maori

another day, another outfit, Em kitted out for 'zorbing'

down the hill she comes in her giant hamster ball

round the corner

nearly at the end

em in her padded cell

wet but smiling

do we really want to do this?

off we go, no going back now

higher and higher

This is how high we were

emma has pulled the cord



crying now

and the swing finally kicks in

is it over?

phew we're alive

still alive and smiling

still swinging

being pulled down

and its over!


So after vikki's nightmare trying to leave australia - i also have a story to tell!!!! It basically entails me getting stuck in the country an extra day, my visa expiring and me almost being deported, however i'll bore you all with the long story when i get home (which by the way is only about 3 weeks i want banners, ballons, prezzies etc at the airport please!!!)

After all that stress we are now finally enjoying ourselves -you'd think to relax we'd do something plesant like a day at the spa or something...but oh no we get ourselves stuck into the extreme sports that this crazy country has to offer (scary fact: the reason you can do so many extreme sports in New Zealand is because they have a law which stops people from if anything happens theres nothing you can do about it basically!!!! -and heres me thinking the reason you can do all this crazy shit is because they installed extra safety measures or something!!!)

So we hopped on our magic bus (the tour group taking us around new zealand) and our first stop is at Waitomo...we decide to get into the spirit of things and go 'black water rafting'!!!! This basically involves sqeazing yourself into a wetsuit and wellies(not a pretty sight-btw) and climbing down into a cave which takes you about 80mtrs underground...we had to jump backwards off a waterfall with a rubber ring around our arses, make our way down a really long, tiny tunnel in the pitch black (franks you would have died!) and we went down an 8 mtr waterslide!!!!

That evening we got into Roturua and went to a traditional Mauri feast! It was fantastic!!! Singing and dancing (like the All Blacks do at the beginning of a rugby game) and then we had a huge feast...which had been cooking in a Hangi (this involves digging a pit and making a fire, putting the meat onto the fire, then and damp cloth, then the veggies, then another damp cloth, then the dessert and then covering the whole thing with mud and letting it cook!!! The food was gorgeous, and the slight earthy taste only added to the flavour!!!!

Today we got up and went zorbing...well i did, viks was a scaredy cat! Zorbing is basically where you dive into a giant plastic ball (think human hamsters wheel), then they throw a bucket of water in after you and then push you off a hill which was an obstacle course-zigzagging all the way down!!!! It was soo much fun!!!! i looked like a drowned rat...or hamster(!) by the time i came out of the ball but i loved it!!!

After that we decided to go nuts and do a 'swoop' !!!! This is basically a bungy jump in a sleeping bag!!! We were 40mts off the ground and i think the photos (although a little dark) basically speak for themselves!!!!! You get hoisted into the air and then are told to pull a cord (i had to pull the cord...our lives were in my hands for a few seconds-what a powertrip!!!!) which releases you and you drop for what feels like a lifetime and then swing to the its a mixture between a scary arse swing and a bungy jump!!! Round of applause for vikki please who hardly screamed at all - i think she was in shock!!! (however, is so brave now that has even mentioned maybe doing a sky dive!!!! We'll believe it when we see it viks!!!)

Tomorrow we're continuing our extreme lifestyle man!!!! and are going white water rafting -where apparently you go off an 8 mtr waterfall!!!! Can not wait!!!!

Will write again soon

Love and miss you all!!

Emma and Viks xxx

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