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Well we are finally in Greece whoo hooo!!! We started with 6 hours in heathrow airport waiting for the second flight to Athens because it turned out we wern't booked on our original flight?? or any of the other flights with Olympic airways so after a drama attack - through which Brent stayed very calm and organised new flights we were on our way to Athens.

Athens is awesome - for starters it was about 35 degrees and beautiful, our first night there we did nothing but sleep because we rocked up at about 11pm. But on the second day we went sight seeing - the temple of olympian zeus, the acropolis, the national gardens, the tomb of the unknown soldier, markets, markets, markets etc. Then back to the hotel for a siesta before heading out for dinner around 9pm (thats how late they eat in Greece - actually we had dinner a little early compared to their standards) mmmm salmon and fruit salad.

On our third day in Athens we headed to the Roman forum/roman agora and the tunnel of the winds, then the ancient agora which had some amazing ruins - if you can call them that they were pretty in tact. From here i made Brent hike up the Filopapos mountian in 40 degree heat just so we could see the view. It was amazing though, on one side we could see the Partheon of the acropolis and on the other we could see all the way out to the coast. Then we wandered through the markets for a couple of hours then had a really early dinner 6:30pm (given that we have to wake at 5:30am tomorrow) we went for the traditional greek dinner tonight brent had a giros and i had a greek salad with tzatziki and feta cheese mmm. Then we jumped on this little train that took us on a tour of the city - so many markets i hadnt discovered :( but no time because we need sleep and it was already 9:30pm.

Monday morning we woke at 5:30 for our transfer to the ferry which would take us to Mykonos - yeah baby!! It was a 6hr ferry ride with a couple of stops along the way so we didnt make it here until about 1pm then we had to hike our suitcases up a two way street with no sidewalk which was only wide enough to fit one car and dodge all the scooters to get to our hotel - but once there we were greeted by the nicest reception and taken to our room which is great, then it was time to head to the beach! I made Brent walk all the way around the city to the big beach which is supposed to be better than the city beach to find out that it was covered in seaweed. So we spent an hour or so sunbathing before heading to the city beach to bake a little longer. The city itself is very beautiful, all the buildings are white with blue doors and shutters and there are all these windy cobble stoned streets that im sure are there just to get you lost - just as you get caught up in the awe of the place you nearly get run over by a scooter. After baking we headed back to the hotel for a while before heading out for dinner around 9pm - we are getting into the swing of this eating late thing. We got some calamari which is alot better home than here - at least at home they dont try and feed you the tenticals and beak. So we filled up on ice cream instead before strolling through the city back to the hotel for the night.

Today we slept in - our hotel serves breaky until 12:30 so we thought we would make the most of it. After breakfast we headed to the bus station to take the bus out to Paradise beach. It was packed full of aussies and naked old men and topless women. There were all these rent beds and umbrellas so we stuck under there for a while - i went to go for a swim to find this huge reef so i just stayed in the shallow water. After like 3-4hours here we caught the boat to Super Paradise beach which was awesome, for starters it is very secluded so you cant get there by public buses so there was no where near as many people and also no reef. The water was crystal clear i went swimming out for ages while brent sucked back on a corona at the bar. We spent a couple of hours and super paradise before jumping back on the boat to Paradise beach where things seemed to be pumping up for the night - one of the clubs there doesnt even open until 1am! We hopped back on the bus and headed back into Mykonos city - its now 7:30pm so i guess we will chill for a couple of hours before heading out for tea. Tomorrow we head to Santorini which im really looking forward to.

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