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This was in Texas

After 24 days in the Great State of Texas, We have moved to Louisiana....We landed in Kinder, at the Coushatta Casino, (just for you Juliann).

We were here for two nights, The Fine's and the Pellegrini's drove down to Lake Charles and saw a Mardi Gras museum. They found out that the whole state of Louisiana has Mardi Gras, not just New Orleans. Each town or parish has their own version. We may be able to see some of it while we are here in the state. They learned all about the different Krewe's and saw some of the costumes worn during the parades.

We did some gambling, Dick had enough luck to pay for their dinners out both nights, and I (Diane) won enough to pay for one dinner! We all ate out at the buffet last night. Larry and I were the only ones to sample the cajun cuisine. Larry was much more adventurous than I was, I mostly had bites of all the things he had on his plate. The delicacies sampled were, alligator, boudin sausage, alligator sausage, crawfish ettoufee, crawfish bites, chicken and sausage jambalaya, and catfish.

Boudin sausage is similar to haggis in that they use various parts of the pig to make the sausage, along with spinach and rice. Larry said it had the texture of the breakfast sausages we had in Ireland.

It is really interesting to shop in the supermarkets in different area's of the oountry. Of course, they stock regional foods and we have such a good time walking the aisles and looking at all the different items offered and perhaps buying a few to sample. We will keep you all informed on the things we eat.

Larry adds: Yes, the alligator did taste like chicken and I seem to be suffering no ill effects from the various gamey things I tried eating. I did wake up this morning with an urge to find a warm muddy puddle and wait submerged hoping to bite something on the leg..

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