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We had a lovely first Los Angeles experience staying at our cousin Deborah's house. Everyone we met asked us what we did in LA, and to be honest, we respond that we mostly de-jet lagged ourselves. Rather unsuccessfully might we add. We did not think that the shift of hours would effect us so drastically, but we often could not get to sleep before 5 AM (and not for any fun reason) and would sleep way into the day. Deb was working very hard (go, Deb!) on her dissertation prospectus, so it did make it easy to slip in and out before we even stirred on her living room couches. L.A. might be known for substance abuse and fancy addictions, but we most certainly picked up a Scrabbulous addiction. For those of you not in the know, it is a facebook.com application that mimics scrabble. We are much better people because of this personality addition. We also genuinely enjoyed meeting Deb's cast of Cali friends.

Besides sleeping, we also had a good time running errands and filling in culinary blanks we had acquired while in Asia. After feasting on Mexican food, sushi, and bagels, we felt ready to go out into the unknown once more. We did get to see a bit of our friend, Mr. Fels, but 4 days did not seem to be long enough to get our fill of him and other West Coast friends and family. We apologize for the brevity of this entry, but we are anxious to get caught up and onto South America!

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