Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Harbor Hopper amphibious boat

Our RV fit perfectly in a parking space while we toured

Anne on Harbor Hopper ready to go

Elise is our guide

Downtown Halifax

University of Nova Scotia

Modern building

Catholic church

Spire of church

Bridge to Dartmouth

The Citadel situated at the highest point in Halifax

Citadel guard

Tall building

Clock tower - a gift to the town by a member of...

Toward the water part of the tour

Into the water!

Our Admiral

We enter the harbor

Harbor entrance

Bridge to Dartmouth

There were many naval vessels in dock or dry dock

Submarines in dry dock

Most photographed buildings on the harbor

Theodore Tug (from a children's TV show)

These buildings use the harbor water for cooling, saving energy costs

Back on land

Sept 29 Saturday

On Saturday, before leaving Halifax, we took a city/harbor tour in the "Harbor Hopper" amphibious car/boat. This gave us a wonderful view of the city as well as the harbor. Halifax harbor is one of the biggest in the world.

We then drove out of Halifax headed for the northern part of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island. We stayed the night in Antigonish and headed up along the Bras d'Ors - a huge inland salty lake.

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