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We left Washington DC on Monday evening after spending the day seeing the Washington Memorial, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and zipping through the Air and Flight Museum. The latter is the most visited museum in the entire world and we could have probably spent an entire week in just that museum there was just so much to learn. Unfortunately it's just not practical for us to visit everything and spend too much time in one area, not if we hope to complete this trip in a year and so we often don't see as much as we would like to.

There are so many museums in Washington DC that you could easily spend several months working your way through them. I'm particularly sorry that we didn't get to see the Native American Museum, the National History Museum and the Smithsonian art galleries. It does however inspire me to return to DC one day, minus young children, when I can immerse myself in all of them.

The area we are in now is very charming and pretty called Kennet Square. We are at another KOA and are quite happy with the campground where we have a fairly pleasant site. Pleasant to us means theres a patch of grass, level and no annoying neighbours, traffic or railway lines running close by.

We have had a difficult week so far. The novelty of this trip has worn off for the Elton and Tristin. They don't like the extra chores and resent not having any personal space. They also miss their friends. Shannon on the other hand loves it all and doesn't have a single complaint. Trev and I concidered ending the trip and heading back to Florida. It is tough and hard work doing this. Sometimes we wonder wether it's worth all the effort. We could go back, put the kids in school and get the housekeeper back but we've decided to continue.

Despite the hard work we feel that the experience overall will be good for the kids and ourselves. We knew they would miss their friends and its a big sacrifice at this time in their lives but it's inlikely that they will have an opportunity to this trip again. It is a once in a life time opportunity. Academically we have no doubt at all that they are learning, significantly. In fact Trev has always been the one in the past who has doubted homeschooling because he thought the kids couldn't possibly be learning enough. He is now sold on it and believes in it's benefits completely.

A big concideration for me is that we as a family have set ourselves a goal and I don't want the message to be that when the going gets rough we quit. I don't believe in achieving goals mindlessly. If for some reason a goal doesn't make sense anymore then I believe it should be abandoned - or - if the goal threatens something of great value, if say the business was suffering because of Trev being away, then I think it should be abandoned but this is not the case. What we have here is the kids, and us, have realised that this is not going to be plain sailing every day. It will take effort, commitment and determination as well as the good times to make this happen and that I believe is not a bad lesson to learn.

Another point that I brought up to the kids in favor of continuing is that we've made a financial commitment. We've invested in this trip and to stop now would not be a wise financial decision.

Trev and I decided at the beginning of this trip to discuss all the finances with the kids and teach them as we go along about the various financial implications of the trip. They now know how much we spend on groceries, park fees, gas/petrol etc. down to the very last penny. We also decided that we would pay the kids a weekly salary for doing chores like the laundry and cleaning and that with the money they earn from us they will pay for all their needs except food. They buy their own clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. They each have a savings account in which they save a portion of their salary and the rest they keep for daily spending. They have learnt very quickly that saving is better than blowing it all on candy. We have also made their savings account a 24hr notice account to help them plan their purchases and stop impulsive spending. It has worked very well so far. We don't have any nagging for candy or toys and they now have a much better appreciation for how long it takes to make the money they need for expensive toys and clothes.

So, we have decided to continue. We will be here until Friday and then we will be heading to New York City in the state of New York

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