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Leaving Mama Yacchi... Manches, the one-year-old pet alpaca says goodbye

Some locals in Chivay.

In the market in Chivay.

On the road again. We left Mama Yacchi's after 9. Right now it is 10:02. We are waiting in the bus in Chivay. We stopped for water and snacks and took one last look around the market. We are waiting for the British girls. Rose cut her foot I guess. We are about to make the 6-hour drive to Puno. It is a beautiful sunny day - the kind of day it is sad to leave the mountains.

We arrived in Puno at about 4:00 p.m. We went to dinner with the group - another agonizingly long affair. Sandra and I shared a pizza and we were both still hungry, so wandered up and down the main drag in Puno. We ended up at Rico's Cafe - my guide book recommended it and it was good food for a good price.

Puno is at an altitude of 3800 metres. Just walking up the street to our hotel which happens to be on a bit of a slope is enough to get breathing heavy as is walking up the stairs to our room. Sandra is so not impressed with this hotel. I can't say as I am either, but the one in Lima was worse I think. They hadn't finished cleaning the room when we got in it - wet spots on the floor, other peoples stuff, and dirty sheets. The town is not much to look at to be sure, but it is nice for us tourists that all the stuff is on one pedestrian street. It is a bit easier to avoid taxis and find what you're looking for. In our room tonight, we watched Terri Irwin on Larry King and an Entertainment show. A few more English stations here and dogs barking on the balcony next door.

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