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Fields on the way from Koln to Munchen

Scenery from the train ride from Koln to Munchen

St. Michaels Kirche (Jesuit Church)

Inside St. Michaels Kirche (1)

Inside St. Michaels Kirche (2)

Inside St. Michaels Kirche (3)

Inside St. Michaels Kirche (4)

Inside St. Michaels Kirche (5)

Hirmer Building ( Shopping Centre)

Metropolitan Church of Our Lady

Glockenspiel building at Marienplatz

Inside St. Peters Kirche (1)

Inside St. Peters Kirche (2)

Inside St. Peters Kirche (3)

We arrive at the Hofbrauhaus

Ceiling inside Hofbrauhaus

The Oom Pah Pah Band

Barb and her beer

Nick and his beer

Cigars, Cigarettes, "Pretzels"?

Nick enjoyed his beer

Building at Marienplatz

Fountain at Karlsplatz with courthouse in background

We were up and at 'em early this morning as we wanted to catch the 8:34 AM train to Munich. The trip was 4 ½ hours long on the high speed train which at times reached speeds of 300 km/hour. We managed to take a couple of pictures from the train, but because of the speed, focusing on specific things proved to be difficult.....just when you thought you had a small Bavarian town in your sights you went into a tunnel and that particular picture was lost forever. Before we knew it we were in Munich and quickly found a room at the Hotel Pension Central, a bed and breakfast unit, however, with a shared shower and washroom. The weather was very hot here today, a nice change from the cloudy and sometimes wet weather we have had the last two or three days. We walked over to Marienplatz, the town square, where there was some Sunday afternoon entertainment going on. There were hundreds of people all over the square at all these tables enjoying the hot sunny day with a few beers, some good food and good friends. We had hoped to hear the Glockenspiel, however, on this day we were to be denied, hopefully only because of the days activities. We will try again tomorrow. On our way to Marienplatz we came across two cathedrals, one a Jesuit church (St. Micheals Kirche) which was absolutely stunning inside. The other was the Metropolitan Church of Our Lady, which was actually quite plain inside. After reaching Marienplatz, we wanted to find the market, but it was not open, today being a Sunday.... we will try again tomorrow. On the other side of Marienplatz we came across another church, this one St. Peters was just as grande as the Jesuit church inside. We then made our way over to the Hofbrauhaus and guess what.......we had beers and pretzels......there was a gal that would wander about the beer hall selling huge pretzels.......and boy were they ever good!!! We also enjoyed the music of the Oom Pah Pah Band while we were there....we will definitely be returning tomorrow to hear some more music (and maybe try another beer or two). We made our way back to the square and people-watched for a while, sitting in the shade so that Barb didn't burn to a crisp.

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